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Happy Nissan Armada Fuentes Family

The Nissan Armada is a premier sport utility vehicle with captain's chair comforts for the first row and second row.  The Fuentes Family is on the road traveling for fall baseball and the Nissan Armada checked all the boxes.  It was a pleasure to help and we appreciate your business very much.  Thank You from Tex Tyler and Peltier Nissan!!!

5.0 Experience with The Harrisons

Mr. Harrison has been thinking about Ford Mustang 5.0 GT's for decades.  I'm honored, humbled and appreciative that Tex Tyler had the opportunity to help him realize that dream.  Definitely puts a smile on my face, knowing we could deliver.  The Harrisons added a 5.0 to that family birthday celebration.  Thank You for the opportunity to earn your business.

The Hernandez Family are Peltier Nissan Buyers

The Hernandez Family are Peltier Nissan Buyers, which is evident in being repeat customers over many years.  Lots of trade in and trade up vehicle opportunities at Peltier Nissan in Tyler, Texas.  The Hernandez Family allowed Tex Tyler to join the repeat party and it was an honor to help them with finding a Nissan Frontier.  See you next time!!!

All New 2022 Nissan Pathfinder for The Hanley's

Thank You Mr. & Mrs. Hanley for doing the online research prior to visiting Peltier Nissan, which always helps to narrow down needs versus wants, technology updates and much, much more with an all new redesigned 2022 Nissan Pathfinder.  Todd Tex Tyler appreciates your trust in me and in Peltier Nissan to deliver an amazing new vehicle in Nissan's new line up of vehices.  THANK YOU HANLEY FAMILY!!!

Thank You Eckel Family

The Eckel Family came to Peltier Nissan with a trade in and trade up goal, but also to find better gas mileage without sacraficing convenience, comfort, safety and performance.  Ladies and Gentlemen.. meet The Nissan Rogue!!!  A warm Thank You from Tex Tyler for your business. :) :) :)

Wonderful Day with Ms. Williams

Ms. Williams stopped by Peltier Nissan because she needed a bit more out of her vehicle traveling around East Texas.  Nissan remains committed to Safety, Performance and Innovation.  That is why a Nissan Rogue is the one of the top selling sport utility vehicle or crossovers on the road today.  Thoroughly enjoyed shopping with Ms. Williams and she has already sent me a vehicle referral.  Big Thank You to Ms. Williams for the opportunity to earn your car business.

The Best Thank You is a Repeat Customer!!!

THANK YOU MORENO FAMILY!!!!  Mr. Moreno brought his family back and we helped them get a 2nd vehicle from Peltier Nissan.  It is a pleasure to serve the Moreno family at the highest levels, which means they will be on the lookout for Todd Tex Tyler at Peltier Nissan for future vehicle needs and services.

Earning UR Business Everyday, Thank You Ms. Brown

Tex Tyler Autos Cars Trucks SUV Sales is earning your busines everyday by taking a consultative approach, removing buying pressure, matching up lifestyle and career and balancing budget, needs and wants to help deliver a better car buying experience.  Thank You Ms. Brown for your business!!!

Thank You Gonzalez Family

It definitely feels right when customers buy a vehicle at Peltier Nissan, then bring in referrals less than one week later to buy another vehicle.  It is about having a positive car buying experience, which is always our goal. Together.. Todd Tex Tyler and Peltier Nissan will make sure you have an enjoyable car, truck or suv buying experience.  Thank You Gonzalez Family for your business!!!

Cruces Four Wheel Gladiator Family

THANK YOU CRUCES FAMILY for the opportunity to earn your four wheel drive business.  As business owners give Peltier Nissan a shot at earning premium preowned Jeep Gladiator business, Todd Tex Tyler takes it very serious to make sure we exceed Jeep Gladiator four wheel expectations by finding the perfect four wheel family friendly Jeep Gladiator.  Tex Tyler Did It Again!!!

Harris Family Loves Jeeps

The Harris Family drove through in a Jeep Wrangler one Saturday and briefly talked with Todd Tex Tyler at Peltier Nissan.  Several days later Ms. Harris gave Peltier Nissan a surprise visit and let Tex Tyler go through the consultative car buying experience to discover The Harris Family loves Jeeps. :) :) :)  Big Thank You to Ms. Harris for the opportunity to earn your business!!!

Ms. Ramos In The House

The best part of providing a consultative buying experience to car buyers, is seeing how happy they are when they leave and remembering they initially showed up with an expectation they might have to keep the car they drove up in.  At Peltier Nissan, Todd Tex Tyler truly cares more about finding the balance between the right vehicle and being respectful of the buyer's budget.  As Ms. Ramos put it.. "TEX TYLER DID IT AGAIN..."  Thank You Ms. Ramos!!!

Family Fun Time with Todd Tex Tyler

The Harris Family made it fun shopping with Peltier Nissan and letting Todd Tex Tyler find that perfect vehicle for those family fun time trips.  Riding in style is important as well as finding that happy place between comfort and convenience.  A 2021 Nissan Rogue Platinum will definitely help add to those family fun times.  Thank You for the opportunity to earn your business!!!

Thank You Weems Family

Sending a warm Thank You to the Weems Family for having the confidence in not only Peltier Nissan, but in Todd Tex Tyler as well.  Our goal was to find a vehicle that they love to drive and that matches up well with Nissan's vehicle line up.  Nissan is continually placing emphasis on the driving experience as well as safety, performance and comfort.  Todd Tex Tyler places emphasis on the buying experience, and if done right, customer find the right vehicle every time.  Looking forward to helping with the Nissan Titan XD!!!

We Buy Your Autos, Cars, Trucks and SUV's ETX


We are buying vehicles from all over Texas, especially from East Texas residents who want to take advantage of vehicle values increasing over the past 120 days.  Vehicles typically depreciate, but supply and demand is causing them to appreciate since March 2021. 


CALL OR TEXT ME 214-998-8564

Tex Tyler Sells Nissan

Tex Tyler Sells Nissan is a quick, minimalistic website that vehicle buyers and shoppers can use to find the inventory site TEX TYLER CAR DEALS or simply contact Tex Tyler Autos, Cars, Trucks and SUV Sales using a Contact Tex page. 

Last but not least, you can see Tex Tyler Showcase Videos of new and premium preowned inventory, as well as the all new 2022 Nissan vehicle line up as they hit the streets and become immediately available for sale and purchase. 

As always vehicle shoppers and buyers can contact Tex Tyler Auto Sales several ways, but the quickest is going to be a call or a text to 214-998-8564. :) :) :)

Thank You Moreno Family

BIG SHOUT OUT + THANK YOU to the MORENO FAMILY.  It's car deals like these that I really enjoy as we continue to learn to serve car buyers with a consultative process that helps them and gives them true joy as they leave the dealership.  It was a pleasure Mr. Moreno, Thank You for the business sir!!!

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Drive Then Finance or Finance Then Drive

Vehicle buyers that are actively searching for new, used or preowned replacement vehicles, will perform most of their searching and research online, before visting a retail auto car truck or SUV dealer.  Like most online research, the goal is to get as many answers as possible to as many questions and match up the right vehicle with the buyer's expectations such as career or work, a unique lifestyle fit, strong consideration for family and safety and always lined up with a financial budget.

Once a vehicle buyer narrows down the vehicle choices, options, trim levels, sport packages, performance packages and much, much more.. then it's time for that trip to the dealership.  Most vehicle buyers in today's market shy away from spending hours at the dealership to get a car, truck or suv deal done.

That is why Tex Tyler Autos, Cars, Trucks and SUV Sales will focus on the vehicle buyer experience everytime.  If a car, truck or suv buyer wants to check out the vehicle first and test drive before getting their financing approved.. no problem!!!  If a car, truck or suv buyer is more concerned with getting approved for financing.. no problem!!!  Our goal is to make sure the vehicle buying experience matches the customer's expecatations, which helps to ensure a customer centric culture that truly puts the customer first and separates TEX TYLER from other automotive professionals.

Tex Tyler Vehicle Video Showcase Online

Tex Tyler Autos Cars Trucks SUV Sales has created a YouTube channel that provides viewers with a vehicle video showcase, where car buyers, truck buyers and suv buyers can get a quick video walkaround on a vehicle of interest.  Unfortunately we can't get them loaded fast enough right now.  Tax Season is Here and Stimulus Money is hitting the streets, so vehicle inventories are low and cars and selling fast in Tyler, Texas.

Tex Tyler Vehicle Video Showcase, Shop Online Now


Thank You Mr. Williams

Mr. Williams came in with an older Chevrolet Silverado LT PickUp Truck and really wanted to upgrade his vehicle for not only performance, but dependability for his career, a more luxurious interior that included leather and wood grain accents throughout the four door crew cab.  We paid top dollar for his trade and had the financing to really sweeten the deal, as interest rates are super competitive.  It was a pleasure to help Mr. Williams to find The Right Vehicle at The Right Price!!!  :) :) :)

Who is Tex Tyler?

Tex Tyler is a true consultative professional, who genuinely cares about helping vehicle buyers find the right vehicle based on family, career, lifestyle, recreation or financial needs.  All of those come together for every customer to have a super positive car buying experience.

Over 20 years in Business Operational Excellence, SEMA Automotive Aftermarkets Dealer Development, Bedliner.com, Retirement Planning, Financial Advisory, Insurance Consulting, Oil + Gas Customer Financial Systems Corporate Office, Oil + Gas Field Operations Management Eagle Ford Shale, Commercial Inventory Automotive Finance.

Don't be afraid to engage.. talking is free.. no pressure to sale you anything.. just a consultative process that helps Tex Tyler to identify what the right vehicle looks like, compared to vehicle needs and then we start finding automotive solutions together.  The Right Vehicle + The Right Price Every Time!!!  That is Tex Tyler's commitment to every vehicle buyer. :) :) :)

The Right Vehicle + The Right Price Every Time

Tex Tyler is committed to finding the right vehicle at the right price every time.  Thank You for reviewing Tex Tyler Autos Cars Trucks SUV Vehicles For Sale, courtesy of Patterson CDJR + Hyundai + Premium PreOwned Buying Center in Tyler, Texas.  What is your vehicle of interest?  New or PreOwned Car?  New or PreOwned Truck?  New or PreOwned Sport Utility Vehicle?  FANTASTIC!!!  

Tex Tyler is customer focused and procesed oriented, so together we can define your top 5 vehicle needs.  Saftey?  Performance?  Work?  Lifestyle?  Fuel Economy?  Fit + Finish?  Technology?  21st century vehicles have it all.  Tex Tyler sits on the same side of the table to find the right vehicle at the right price and matched up with your vehicle, family, work and lifestyle needs.  You hate presure?  So does Tex Tyler!!!  Your car, truck or suv buying experience is super easy... we just have to do it together and deliver quality throughout the process of buying a vehicle.

When you need a vehicle.. auto.. car.. truck. suv.. CALL TEX TYLER + GET A PROFESSIONAL TO HELP YOU!!!

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